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Vault Vision's passwordless login technology is powered by authentication software to enable easier identity management & seamless security for your SaaS startup.


Trusted Security You Can Scale

Secure & Easy Setup

Defeat phishing at the source, never has it been easier to add anti-phish defenses for you and your customers. Vault Vision’s authentication platform and solutions levels up your protection with the latest FIDO2 and Webauthn protocols, and certified to work with OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication in minutes. 

Web & Offline Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your SaaS startup. Vault Vision is the only solution with a secure offline hardware tokens. We make it easy for users to migrate their passwords to a personal USB hardware key. Our solution lets you easily manage the hardware token, even if users lose it. 

Built-in Reporting 

Users are complex, managing them doesn’t have to be. The Vault Vision user management dashboard gives admins complete and realtime control over login activity, failed login attempts, block and manage users and much more.


Plans & Pricing

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  • 100+ Daily Users

  • Custom Branding 

  • Offline Security

  • Hardware Tokens

  • Up to 100 Daily Users

  • Unlimited Logins

  • Webauthn Support 

  • FIDO2 Support 

  • OpenID (OIDC) Support

  • User Management 

  • Performance Reporting  

  • No Credit Card Required

Go Passwordless

Two-thirds of users have “always” or “mostly” used the same password, it's imperative your organization defeats phishing, brute force and automated password spray attacks with passwordless or login as a service technology. The modern CIO is removing inefficient workflows like MFA and lost/stolen password management to go passwordless!


About Vault Vision


An authentication platform built by technology and security industry veterans, Vault Vision's founding team is former executives and engineers from SaaS technology brands such as Godaddy, Acronis, Yext & more. 


The shift away from password based authentication is happening, Vault Vision enables SaaS startups and IT admins to easily secure their applications and customer base, powered by our industry-leading passwordless ‘login as a service’ technology, certified by open standard security alliances.  


Vault Vision's cloud based login-as-a-service solution adds additional layer of security with Webauthn authentication and support for software and hardware based key vaults. Advanced recovery options utilizing biometrics that can’t be forgotten or forged, and our technology is built to protect. 

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